New Deathcore Supergroup Featuring Members Of Lorna Shore + Fit For An Autopsy Announces Debut EP

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Not that long ago, Attila singer Chris “Fronzilla” Fronzak started teasing online that he was working on a project that involved a deathcore-metalcore supergroup.

The members of the said group include artists from Lorna Shore, Fit For An Autopsy, Traitor, Infant Annihilator, Left to Suffer, and Attila.

Well, we finally know what those guys have been working on! On Chris’ Instagram, he shared a photo of everyone together and shared that they have all been working on a new EP.

He also confirmed the deathcore-metalcore supergroup’s name: The Big Six.

Per the caption associated with Chris’ post, he shared the following:

“The past few days was the most fun experience I’ve had in a long time. I got to meet with 5 of my best friends and create a phenomenal EP. We laughed until we felt sick, partied, and created the most badass new project the world will ever see. Shoutout to @sweetwatersound & @___jozy___ for the hospitality and shoutout to @dave.dunsire for the amazing photos and content. WE ARE THE BIG SIX 😈 PS- follow our new instagram page @thebig6official ”

Traitor member Tyler Shelton also spoke about the project on his Instagram, sharing the following:

“Can’t thank this team enough for an incredible and very quick past few days manifesting a dream of mine. With @sweetwatersound allowing me to manifest this idea, we are going to change the future of music by bringing your favorite artists into one room and create major collaborations that we have always dreamt of. It all starts with The Big Six. @___jozy___ you are truly a wonderful man for helping me pitch this monumental moment in time. I can’t thank you enough for everything.”

The Big Six features: Lorna Shore member Will Ramos, Fit For An Autopsy member Joe Badolato, Left To Suffer member Taylor Barber, Traitor member Tyler Shelton, Infant Annihilator member Dickie Allen, and Fronzak, of course.

You can follow The Big Six over on Instagram to keep up with details related to their upcoming EP.

What do you think of this deathcore-metalcore supergroup? Are you excited to hear this new EP of theirs?

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