Watch: Never Before Seen Footage Of Alice In Chains Opening For Kiss Is Unearthed

[New Footage/Partial] - Alice In Chains - 1996-06-28 - Tiger Stadium - [2-Songs: "Again" & "God Am"]: Alt Copperpot5 (additional footage included from @livefilms1099), YouTube
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Some never before seen footage of Alice In Chains opening for Kiss back in the ’90s has made its way onto YouTube, and the band’s performance is incredible.

Shared and uploaded by YouTube user Alt Copperpot5, the footage features the band taking part in a Kiss show that took place on June 28th, 1996.

Within the video’s description, Alt Copperpot5 shares the following:

“New unseen footage of the first two songs of Alice in Chains’ opening set for KiSS on June 28, 1996. Both songs, ‘Again’ & ‘God Am’, have cuts – all the footage I have is in this Youtube video.

“It’s likely this is all that was filmed (at least by this cameraman). Assume this was filmed to be used for television news segments/promotional purposes.”

Said footage highlights Alice In Chains performing their song “Again,” and includes the live debut of “God Am.”

At this point in time in the band’s career, the late Layne Staley was still performing with the grunge act, and roughly a year ago they would have released their third studio album, the self-titled Alice In Chains.

Layne and the band’s performance is truly incredible to watch; this is some seriously awesome footage, and you can check it out for yourself via the video player below.

When it comes to other stories related to the band… have you heard Layne Staley’s cover of Tool‘s “Opiate”? It is fantastic! Also, back in the ’90s, Metallica guitarist and singer James Hetfield dissed Layne while on tour, and folks were not happy about it. In fact, James ended up having a shoe thrown at him!

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