Watch: Mike Patton Attempts To Wreck A Flying Drone During A Recent Mr. Bungle Show

Ignacio Galvez, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Mike Patton is back to performing live and has recently been taking part in Mr. Bungle shows.

It has been some time since Patton performed live, the singer citing mental health issues and not being able to perform with Mr. Bungle and Faith No More back in 2021.

While it is great to see Mike back up on stage and hear his epic voice once again, we are also fans of when the singer brings some attitude to his performances.

For example, during a recent performance that took place in Chile, Patton made an attempt at destroying a flying drone! (This video was initially shared by Heavy Consequence).

Per video footage you will find below, while Mr. Bungle is performing, Mike stops singing at one point and throws up a middle finger. A flying drone has appeared in front of the stage, but at a distance from Mike.

Patton then makes several gestures tempting the drone to come closer to him; this continues for some time until Patton then takes his microphone and swings it at the drone!

The drone dodges the attack and flies away. It goes without saying, but it seems Mike is not a fan of drones. You can check out this footage for yourself via the video player below.

In other news involving the Faith No More and Mr. Bungle singer… have you seen the footage pertaining to Mr. Bungle’s “The Night They Came Home” performance from 2020? It is incredible! Also, did you know that Mike once pissed on Guns N’ Roses‘ teleprompter and put actual shit in a cake of theirs? Now that is a fucking wild story.

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Also, a couple of months back, Patton gave some interesting insight into what it takes to be a great singer. To find out what that advice involves, follow the link below.

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