Metal Band Tears Up Deftones Cover in Middle of Bookstore

Deftones Flickr Book Store the Burn
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Metalheads have never really been snobs about where they hold their concerts.

When you’re first starting out in bands, anywhere with pit potential has the ability to turn into a great gig site, and all you need is just some amps and a lot of heart to actually get the crowd going. For Callous Daoboys though, they performed in about as DIY a venue as you can get.

When performing a cover of the Deftones’ classic ‘My Own Summer,’ these guys ducked into a bookstore to rock the hell out, which started one of the most wholesome pits you have ever seen.

Even though the band is grooving pretty hard, it’s almost difficult to take seriously when you see all of the bookshelves around them, with the drummer stuck playing all the way back next to the children’s section.

That didn’t seem to bother the crowd one bit though, absolutely going for it for most of the song even when the singer is almost uncomfortably close when screaming Chino Moreno’s iconic lines. 

Venue aside, Callous Daoboys have chops. Though it’s hard to tell based on the setup they have, the guitarist is a shredder and the tone that he’s getting out of his detuned guitar is way better than you would expect from a band that’s playing somewhere even less spacious than a garage. 

We also have to shout out their addition of what looks like a violinist into the mix, who seems to just be following the guitars most of the time and adding another layer of sonic mayhem to the whole thing. 

With the addition of a violinist, it offers up a different take on the song normally handled by Frank Delgado. 

Even with the venue in question, it’s just reassuring to know that the nu-metal love is still alive and well in the next generation of metalheads. The setup might be a little chaotic, but when you have a crowd like this, who really cares? Check out the performance below. 

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