Watch: Maynard James Keenan Unboxes $500 Tool ‘Fetus In Skull’ Statue

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Over on YouTube, band frontman Maynard James Keenan has taken part in an unboxing video featuring Tool‘s “fetus in skull” statue.

Announced not long ago, this “fetus in skull” statue is a special Tool collectible inspired by Alex Grey’s art for 10,000 Days. This special collectible is currently available to order over on the band’s website; there are two versions of this collectible, one signed by the band and one not.

The signed version is currently not available (per the writing of this article); the non-signed version looks to still be available and is priced at $499.

Per the band’s website, the following details are provided regarding this Tool collectible: “Inspired by the 10,000 Days and Lateralus album artwork(s) by Alex Grey. Each collectible figure is cast in Polyresin, individually hand painted, and hand numbered, making each unit similar, but distinct from the next.

“The Fetus in Skull Maquette is a beautiful, unique, piece of artwork for the Tool fan collector meant to be appreciated; but also to invoke thought, introspection, and conversation. Special accents can be found throughout the work including the third eye torch on the skull and sawblade base.

“This hand-numbered collectible is extremely rare with only 3,100 units available Worldwide. 515 Signed by band members and 2585 Unsigned. Each unit comes with matching edition numbered base art, art box, secure shipping box, and Certificate of Authenticity.

“The base art is screen printed with seven colors. The art box and COA are printed with foil paper hits. Please use supplied soft cotton gloves for safe handling. Directed by Adam Jones and Kellam Cunningham”

In promoting this “fetus in skull” statue, band frontman Maynard James Keenan has taken part in an unboxing video that features the maquette. Via the video player below, you can see for yourself how big this maquette is and what its packaging is like.

Did you already order this collectible? Do you plan on ordering one? You can order this item now via the band’s website.

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