Mario Duplantier Says He And His Brother Growing Up As ‘Rednecks’ Has Influenced Gojira’s Music

Mario Duplantier Photo by Per Ole Hagen/Redferns (via Getty Images)
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During a recent interview with Andrew Haug, Gojira member Mario Duplantier shared how he and his brother (Joe) growing up as “rednecks” has influenced the band’s music.

More specifically, the brothers growing up as “rednecks” has influenced the band’s lyrics.

Speaking to him and his brother growing up, and how their surroundings would impact Joe’s lyric writing, Mario shares the following:

“We grew up exactly in the same place in France, in the southwest, so we had the same concerns. We were also rednecks; we didn’t grow up in big cities, for example. So we were surrounded by nature. It’s our education; the four of us received the same education – ‘respect the ocean, respect the mountains,’ because it was our playground.

“Joe is writing lyrics, and Joe is a very sensitive person; he’s always thinking about humanity in general. When you have to write lyrics, you just have to write something you’re obsessed about or you just feel.”

Mario continues, “I think what is cool is now, with the stature of the band, we were able to raise a campaign like we did for ‘Amazonia’ where we raised money – like $300,000 to give directly to the Indigenous People in Brazil. So that’s our goal, I would say, in the future, is bringing more operations like this.”

That is some really interesting insight! What do you make of Mario’s points about him and his brother growing up in rural France and the impact that would end up having on their artistry?

You can check out the full interview with Mario Duplantier below.

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