Mantas Calls Out Venom Members For Not Having The ‘Balls’ To Play Together

Jonas Rogowski, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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If you would love to see the original Venom lineup reunite and play some of their classic material together, it is probably best you don’t hold your breath.

In 2015, ex-members of the band came together to form “Venom Inc.”; this band features members associated with the 1988–1992 Venom lineup. Among its members is Jeff “Mantas” Dunn, who was part of the Venom lineup when the original band released their first demo.

Over time there has been drama taking place between various members, and now per recent comments made by both Cronos and Mantas, it seems folks won’t be getting that original lineup reunion anytime soon.

Per a recent interview with Heavy Culture, Mantas talks about some condescending words Cronos had to say about his former bandmates. Mantas is pretty pissed off by Cronos’ words and has decided to talk some shit back.

He not only goes into shit-talking Cronos’ band, but he also speaks to his efforts to try and get the band’s historical lineup together for a show (but how drama has kept such a performance from taking place). The following was transcribed by Metal Injection:

“Venom Inc. are the people who have been asked to do the anniversary shows. And we’ve done it. Because you know why? Because this fucking shit show of three originals can’t get their fucking act together to get together on a stage and give the fans that.

“And [Cronos is] turning around now and saying, ‘Oh, I’m not getting on stage with those doddery old fuckers to give a subpar performance.’ I’ll tell you what: watch the videos of your own band if you wanna see a subpar performance. This pisses me off to the hilt.

“I put a call out to everybody who’s been a member of this band — not just the originals. And even me and Tony Dolan had a conversation about this, and we said that to celebrate Venom, there should be a concert where everybody who’s been a member — Mikey Hickey, Jim Clare, fucking Abaddon, Cronos, Mantas, Tony Dolan, Al Barnes, fucking Danté, Stu — whatever his fucking name is — they should all be on one stage together playing their era of Venom, and at the end of the night, the original lineup plays some of the classic songs just for the fans. I put that out.

“Who contacted me? Fucking nobody. Because none of them have got the balls to do it. And that’s the fucking truth.”

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