Kat Von D Voices Support For Marilyn Manson Amidst Sexual Assault Allegations

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On her Instagram account, tattoo artist Kat Von D has voiced her support of shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, writing, “Innocent until proven guilty should ring very true to us […]”; this support of Manson is in regard to the sexual assault allegations made against him.

Back in 2021, actress Evan Rachel Wood opened up about her past relationship with Manson and called him out as her abuser; since Wood’s initial statement, other women have opened up about alleged acts of abuse that Manson has committed against them in the documentary, Phoenix Rising.

Via the caption associated with her Instagram post, Kat wrote, “My dear @marilynmanson came by the studio — we’re working on a beautiful, special project we have coming up for you!”

However, within the comments associated with this post, Kat ended up writing a statement speaking to how she will stand by her friend (that being Marilyn Manson). In the process of writing this article, Kat appears to have deleted the comment; we were able to copy down what she wrote, and have provided a screenshot captured by Insider (providing a visual of that comment). Here is everything that she had to say (full quote also backed up by Insider):

“I know firsthand what it feels like to have society come to wildly incorrect conclusions about me, and having that spread out into the world – leaving people believing things that couldn’t be further from the truth about me. Having seen evidence against the accusations against my friend, I can’t in good faith just blindly burn someone at the stake just because ‘everyone says I should.

“I can think for myself, and I hope you can, too. Innocent until proven guilty should ring very true to us, especially after this last year. So perhaps before spewing criticism and possible gossip (even though i know it comes from a good place) it might be a good idea to keep it to yourself until you have all information. Feel free to read the actual court documents on the link in Manson’s bio. Sending everyone extra love regardless.”

Kat Von D Instagram (screenshot from Insider)

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If you or someone you care about is suffering abuse at the hands of their partner, please contact RAINN or call 800.656.HOPE (4673). Remember: you are not alone.


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