Jonathan Davis Speaks To How Fame Impacted Him Early In His Career – ‘It was hard for my little boy’

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During a conversation with Metal Hammer, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis opens up about how achieving fame early in his career ended up impacting his life. This conversation also features Evanescence singer Amy Lee; both artists were on tour together as of this past summer.

At one point during the interview, it is mentioned how the two artists achieved a lot of fame and recognition early in their respective careers, and they are asked what that was like for both of them.

Both Davis and Lee speak to the different struggles they had to navigate due to that attention and fame. Per Jonathan, he starts out by sharing:

“I became a raging alcoholic. You can’t go anywhere, you can’t do anything, you have to have a fucking bodyguard 24 hours a day. Crazy shit. Still to this day, it’s tough, but that’s what we signed up for. Everyone in Korn went a bit nuts in the late 90s.”

Later on in the conversation, he goes on to talk about how his fame ended up impacting his family (specifically mentioning his son Nathan).

“It was hard for my little boy, Nathan. People would rush me and he would start crying, because all he knew was that ‘This is my daddy and this is my daddy time.’ He would cry and I’d have to say to this person, ‘Yo, I’m with my kid.’ And they go away pissed off. It’s mentally taxing. I know Amy can relate, but most people can’t.”

It is wild to imagine all that attention and chaos taking place in one’s life. It is cool to see and hear how much people are into an artist and their craft, but to be bombarded that intensely – it certainly makes sense why fame can be taxing.

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