Fede Alvarez’s New ‘Alien’ Movie Begins Filming Next Year

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This year sci-fi horror fans were treated to an awesome new entry in the Predator franchise (aka, Prey), and starting next year, a new Alien movie will begin filming!

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, this new Alien entry is written and will be directed by Fede Álvarez, who has created such films as 2013’s Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe. Ridley Scott is also involved with the project and is acting as producer.

Per a listing located on ProductionList.com, the current working title of this film is Alien: Romulus. Filming for Alien: Romulus begins on February 6, 2023, and will be taking place in Budapest, Hungary.

The original Alien movie came out in 1979 and has cemented itself as one of the greatest works of sci-fi horror ever. At the time of this writing, if you do not count the crossover films that involve Predator, there are six movies currently in the Alien franchise.

The latest film to come from the franchise is 2017’s Alien: Covenant – this movie is the second entry in a prequel trilogy (Álvarez’s movie is a stand-alone film not associated with this trilogy).

In other Alien-related news, the franchise is also getting a new TV show (which should be arriving in 2023)!

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“This is easily one of the best Predator movies since the series’ inception. With a unique setting for a sci-fi story and a badass protagonist, Prey makes for one of the most intense and captivating action movies of the year.”

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