Watch: Goofballs Tenacious D Surprise Us With A Heartfelt Cover Of ‘Wicked Game’

Moses, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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The rock act Tenacious D – featuring rocker/actor Jack Black and rocker/actor Kyle Gass – is typically known for creating songs that are exciting, fun, and pretty goofy. But as of recently, over on SiriusXM, the rock act covered a song you would not typically associate with them.

Quite recently, Tenacious D covered the Chris Isaak song “Wicked Game,” a track that has been covered by the likes of Stone Sour and HIM. The song is a powerful, melancholic tune that pulls on the heartstrings (and may even get some folks to shed a tear or two).

So to imagine Tenacious D covering the song is quite interesting. But when you hear Jack Black sing the words to Chris Isaak’s song… holy shit. With Gass sticking to playing the song on his guitar, Black provides a beautiful vocal cover of the track. This is a truly lovely cover and we applaud the work that Jack and Kyle have put into this performance.

You can check out Tenacious D’s cover of “Wicked Game” below (but you might want to have some tissues on standby in case the waterworks start going). Let us know what you think of the band’s cover.

In other Jack Black-related news, did you know that he voices Bowser in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie? You can check out a trailer for the film by following the link below (and you will get to hear what the actor sounds like as Bowser).

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More recently, Black sent a heartfelt message to some students who worked on a production of School of Rock. The actor/rocker had some lovely things to say to the students; if you want to check out that video for yourself, follow the link below.

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Also, while in attendance at a charity event, Jack met with a terminally ill fan who happens to adore School of Rock and Jack sang to him. It was a truly lovely moment that was captured on video.

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