Ghost Mastermind Tobias Forge Says This Is His Album Of The Year

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‘Tis the season where metal publications and celebrities share their favorite music of the year; among the metal celebrities who have opened up about their favorite album of the year, there is Ghost frontman Tobias Forge.

As part of a conversation with Revolver, Forge was asked what his favorite album of the year is. Funny enough, Tobias says he’s “so bad” at listening to other bands’ records; however, he is able to name a band that he listened to a good bit this year, as well as a record he really enjoyed.

But there is somewhat of a catch to that record – it is actually an album that was released in 2021!

Speaking about what his favorite album of the year is, Ghost’s Tobias Forge shares the following:

“I am so bad at listening to other records, other band’s records, I must say. Simply because I’m just too full of myself. [Laughs] No, but I’m just too busy listening to old records. I listen to a lot of music, but most of it is older. I just had my end-of-year summary of what I listen to the most on Spotify, and it turned out to be Marillion.

“But I think that in the year that has passed, the record that surprised me, the that most made me happy was probably the new ABBA [2021’s Voyage]. That was a cool record.”

What do you think of Tobias’ pick? Have you listened to the new ABBA record by any chance? It is pretty fantastic!

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