Frank Bello Says This Anthrax Album ‘Broke’ The Band And Gave Them A Career

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Among the band’s discography, what do you think is the most important Anthrax album? During a recent conversation with MetalSucks, band bassist Frank Bello is asked this question (and he ends up giving two very interesting answers).

When asked which Anthrax album he thinks is most important to the band’s legacy, Frank mentions two albums – one relatively recent release, and one record that, per Bello, “broke” the band (but also gave them a career). Per Frank Bello:

“You can’t discount the importance of Among the Living. It’s the album that broke us and the record that gave us a career. And man, it’s great to hear people say that, and it’s great to have an album like that under our belts. But I have to say, our last record, For All Kings, I think that one was important for us. Because specifically, the last few records have gotten some great press where people have said it’s some of the best work we’ve ever done.

“We’ve gotten some great compliments and great reviews on that record, and it seems as if it’s one that’s resonated with a lot of people. For us to be making music that some people feel is our best at this stage in our lives that’s the ultimate compliment. As I said before, we’re coming at it from a fan’s point of view. We feed off this music to get us going, and I think it’s important never to lose that hunger.

What do you think of Among the Living and For All Kings? Do you think these two records are super important to the band’s legacy? During that same conversation, Frank also spoke about the Anthrax album he would love to go back and fix. To find out what that record is, follow the link below.

Frank Bello Says This Is The Anthrax Album He'd Love To Go Back And Fix

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