Exodus’ Gary Holt Reveals That He Owns A Heart-Shaped Powerpuff Girls Guitar

The Powerpuff Girls: Created by: Craig McCracken, Distributor: Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Gary Holt Photo by Joey Foley/Getty Images
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When you think of thrash icon Gary Holt – known for his incredible guitar skills – you may not think to associate him at all with The Powerpuff Girls; however, in his possession, this thrashing badass has a super cool Powerpuff Girls branded guitar.

The Powerpuff Girls were a big deal if you grew up watching cartoons in the ’90s and early aughts. The show revolves around three sisters – Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup – who have superpowers but are also little kids who still have to go to school. It was and remains an awesome show.

At one point during a conversation with ESP Guitars, the Exodus/ex-Slayer guitarist is asked about his personal guitar collection. (All following quotes have been transcribed by Ultimate Guitar).

Holt shares that he has “around 100” guitars. Among those guitars though is a pink, heart-shaped Powerpuff Girls guitar; you can find a picture of it below.

Speaking to this guitar, Gary Holt shares the following:

“I’ve got a heart-shaped Powerpuff Girls guitar, but actually I [got] it to give to my granddaughter someday. I think she’s maybe a year away from really, truly appreciating it, but she also enjoys the Powerpuff Girls now.”

While Gary says this guitar is going to be for his granddaughter one day, it would be amazing to see him play live with this thing.

Gary, please bring this out for a show – it would be awesome as hell!

You can check out the full interview with Gary Holt below as well.

When it comes to other stories involving the Exodus guitarist, Gary used to believe there was “more than one Lemmy.” Earlier this year, Holt also shared some insightful words about Slayer’s legacy. Links to both of these stories can be found below.

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