Listen: Ex-Members of Kyuss Come Together To Form Stöner + Release Rockin’ New Song ‘It Ain’t Free’

Heavy Psych Sounds
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Featuring ex-members of Kyuss, Stöner is ready to rock the hell out of your eardrums. This new band features Nick Oliveri (ex-Kyuss and ex-Queens of the Stone Age), Brant Bjork (of Kyuss), as well as Ryan Güt; Nick is on vocal duty and playing bass, Brant is on vocal duty and playing guitar, and Ryan is on the drums.

The band has an EP titled Boogie to Baja coming out next February, and with that EP on the way, the band has released their single “It Ain’t Free.” Packing lots of fuzz and hardcore adrenaline, this track will get your blood pumping and itching for a mosh pit!

Per the Heavy Psych Sounds website (the label that is releasing the band’s EP), the following is shared about Stöner:  “Stöner’s love for their early inspirations (bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Kiss, Ramones, Blue Cheer, Misfits, Black Flag, The Stooges, MC5) result in big, groovy, sunbaked riffs that can cruise low and slow but then floor it and run all the red lights. Live, this is a band about the magnetism between the players, the groove, the loose vibe and straight up badass rock and roll… Stöner are masters of their trade.

“With ‘totally…’ Stöner is in its true form, getting together and having fun. Stöner’s world is a colorful joyride, heavy of rock but not of head. The record cranks with vibes of classic hard rock, heavy blues, desert rock and psych rock jams – things that come organically to this trio. Stöner can’t help but express an abundance of punk rock rawness and passion for real rock and roll swagger.”

You can check out the band’s new song “It Ain’t Free” below; you can also pre-order their upcoming EP by following this link here. If you are looking for other stories involving Kyuss, we have provided a couple of links for you to check out below.

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