‘I wasn’t sure if I’ll ever make music again’: Ex-Children of Bodom Member Reflects On The Band’s ‘Abrupt’ Ending

Alexi Laiho: Tuomas Vitikainen, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons / Janne Wirman Photo by Mariano Regidor/Redferns (via Getty Images)
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Children of Bodom came to an end in 2019, with several of its core members splitting from the band; the late Alexi Laiho would continue the act under the name Bodom After Midnight up until his death in 2020.

Via a recent conversation with Ultimate Guitar, ex-Children of Bodom keyboardist Janne “Warman” Wirman reflects on how he felt upon the band ending.

While he was not hopeful about his music career at first, he ultimately realized he still has the desire to create music.

In reflecting upon Children of Bodom’s ending, here is what Wirman had to say:

“After the abrupt ending of Children Of Bodom, I wasn’t sure if I’ll ever make music again. We did a couple of song writing sessions last year with my brother and Jyri and I realized that I still have a lot of desire for music and together we wrote an album of exciting new stuff.

“We teamed up with Flori and Greg from the Reaper Entertainment, as I had worked with them before with great results, and knew they understood my past with Bodom and where we wanted to go next with Warmen.”

Wirman is part of an act called “Warmen,” and they have a new record coming out next year. It is both surreal and heartbreaking to reflect upon the legacy of Children of Bodom; on one hand, it is wild to realize the band will no longer be making music, and it is devastating knowing that Alexi is no longer with us.

We love and miss you Alexi <3

In other Bodom-related news, the surviving members of the band recently put a call out to their fans asking for some help. They are looking for fan-captured photos related to Bodom’s history. If you are interested in learning more details about this project, follow the link below.

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