Dino Cazares Says The New Fear Factory Singer Is Basically ‘Unknown’

Alexey Komarov, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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If you are a fan of Fear Factory, you have probably been itching to find out who the band’s new singer is. Band guitarist Dino Cazares has been keeping the individual’s identity secret for some time now, but via a recent conversation, he did provide a new interesting detail about them.

In a conversation with the Everblack podcast, Dino mentioned that the new Fear Factory singer is “kind of unknown.” Now that does not mean that it is someone we have never heard of before (though that could also be cool); this point could just be hinting towards an underground metal vocalist who may not be widely known among mainstream audiences (though, Dino says some Fear Factory fans have an idea as to who this vocalist is).

Per his conversation with Everblack, here is what Dino Cazares shared about the band’s new vocalist (transcribed via Blabbermouth): “The thing about it is everybody’s expecting it to be this massive rock star dude coming in. But it’s not that at all. The guy is basically kind of unknown. There are some Fear Factory fans that kind of know who it is, but they don’t really know yet. He’s a super-talented guy. He sounds like the classic Burton from the Demanufacture/Obsolete era. He’s a younger guy, 36 years old; compared to me, he’s younger.”

Here is hoping that we will be able to officially confirm who the new Fear Factory vocalist is soon! Do you have any idea as to who this individual might be? Who do you hope it is?

Speaking of Dino, we wrote a story earlier today where the guitarist spoke about how the increasing costs of touring are making it super difficult for musicians to turn a profit. Dino also claims that his band “pioneered” the way for more metal to be included in video games. Do you agree with him?

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