Dee Snider Wrote a Christmas Song For Celine Dion

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No matter how popular heavy metal gets, you’re unlikely to hear it on the radio around the holidays.

As much as Transiberian Orchestra brings the thunder with their version of ‘Carol of the Bells,’ heavy metal Christmas songs are harder to come by than the Mariah Careys of the world. Breaking into the holiday market isn’t impossible, and it took an SMF to actually bring metal into the season.

When Dee Snider talked to Loudwire about his writing outside of Twisted Sister, he did mention writing a song for a Christmas record entitled “The Magic of Christmas Day,” which was picked up by Celine Dion to sing on her holiday album saying,

“I had written the song a few years earlier for my wife Suzette as a Christmas present. I told her ‘I’m metal’ and she said ‘You’re a classically trained tenor, you can do it.’”

After a few years in the can, Dee got a call from his manager saying that Celine was interested in the track saying,

“The guy who was the engineer on that session I did was now a producer. He said ‘Dee are you sitting down? Celine Dion wants to sing your wife’s Christmas song.”

Dee did have some reservations at first but went along with it just for the novelty factor saying,

“I said, ‘Does she know who wrote it?’ and he says ‘I haven’t told her yet.’ And I told him ‘Do not tell her that Satan wrote a Christmas song. Just put it on the damn record.”

The royalties for the songwriting credit didn’t hurt either, becoming one of the biggest seasonal albums. Dee also invested his money from that one song saying,

“It was one of the biggest-selling holiday records. The whole album. 14 million copies worldwide and we now call our house ‘The House St. Celine Built.’ So never speak ill of Celine Dion in front of Dee Snider.”

This wouldn’t be the last time Dee tried on his holiday garb, making A Twisted Christmas with the rest of the band where they perform covers of holiday classics. Since Celine Dion covered a Dee Snider song though, the idea of Dee making a metal version of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ isn’t out of the question.

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