Dave Grohl Listened to This Album To Cope With Kurt Cobain’s Death

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No one would have blamed Dave Grohl if he never wanted to play drums again after Nirvana.

The death of Kurt Cobain left a hole in rock and roll, and Dave wanted to get as far away from his old band as he could. Music always ran through his blood, and what brought him back from the edge came from another record.

For the first handful of months, Dave talked about not being able to enjoy his own music and listening to some strange alternatives saying, 

“For a while, after Kurt died, I couldn’t even listen to music. I hated turning on the radio for fear that I’d hear a Nirvana song or any sort of sad music. Anything melancholy just made me so depressed. I would listen to shit like Ace Of Base. I got really into that! I was listening to some really ridiculous shit.” 

One cannot live only listening to ‘The Sign’ over and over again though, and Dave mentioned the album A National Healthcare by The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black being the album that saved him saying

“They were this sort of New York performance art band and were great.” 

While it might not sound like the Foo Fighters, the record definitely has the indie feel that was going on in the aftermath of grunge. Listening to some more bands in this style helped Dave get out of his funk saying,

“That was a funny time with me musically because I just didn’t really want to hear any music. Then I realized, ‘Oh wait, it’s music that’s going to heal me. What am I doing? I should be listening to music. I should be making music that will make me feel better’. And it did.

After picking himself back up, Dave went into a studio by himself and made a cassette which became the Foo Fighters’ debut album a few months later. Dave didn’t need to prove himself anymore, but the indie scene helped him rediscover the music he was so passionate about in the first place. 

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