Corey Taylor’s Favorite Pantera Album Might Surprise You

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Over the course of the band’s career, Pantera has released nine studio records, and when it comes to Slipknot singer Corey Taylor, there is one Pantera album that stands out the most.

As part of a past feature with Rolling Stone, the Slipknot frontman was asked to share his top ten favorite metal albums.

Corey provides an array of awesome records; among his picks is a Pantera album, but one you may not expect to be a big personal favorite.

While the likes of Vulgar Display of Power tends to get a lot of love from fans and critics alike, Corey Taylor’s favorite Pantera album is not that 1992 release.

Corey Taylor’s favorite Pantera album is actually none other than Far Beyond Driven! Here is what Corey had to say about the record:

“That album is so sludgy. I loved [Pantera’s 1992 album] Vulgar Display of Power, and obviously everybody gravitates toward that one just because it’s got the songs, it’s got the whatever.

“But to me, Far Beyond Driven was the first example of what a modern metal production could sound like. It was so thick and the mix was a little angrier.

“To me, it was the first time that you could really hear how heavy they could go and how willing they were to just drive that shit home. And it’s got my favorite Pantera song on it, which is ‘Becoming.’ That song alone wins. Just when you thought you had some shit figured out, fuck you. You’re done.”

Does it surprise you that, out of all the band’s albums, Corey would pick Far Beyond Driven as his favorite? Pantera has made several great records, so picking one is not an easy task for sure.

When it comes to Far Beyond Driven, we are also super big fans of that record. In fact, when we recently ranked all of the Pantera albums from worst to best, we ranked the record high on our list.

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