Corey Taylor Picks Best Metallica Song

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It should come as a shock to no one that Corey Taylor’s music taste is a bit eclectic.

Going so far back to the early days of Slipknot, the frontman spoke about pulling from different forms of metal music, saying (2:58) “I wanted to embrace something heavier. Like everything from Metallica to Slayer to like the hardcore Ministry sound.

“I love that stuff and I wanted to incorporate some of the melody that Slipknot was lacking at the time.” As for the titans of thrash metal though, Corey has chosen one standout track as his absolute favorite.

When talking on a recent podcast, Corey had mentioned that his favorite song is ‘Disposable Heroes’ off of Master of Puppets, going on to say “I walked to the local mall to buy the tape at Sam Goodie.

“I had my fucking Walkman with me and I listened to it all the way…side one is a fucking clinic – such a clinic. Classic. So rad. I flipped the tape and that first song is fucking ‘Disposable Heroes’ and all of a sudden I just had my head ripped off.”

It’s hard to argue with Taylor’s assessment here either, it’s easily one of the heaviest tracks on Master and actually has a pretty grim story, as James Hetfield talks about soldiers being sent off to die over top one of the meanest riffs that they ever committed to tape in the ‘80s.

When asked to build on it a little bit more though, Corey almost gets flustered even trying to put it into words, saying “I was just like, ‘This is the greatest fucking song.’ That riff is so stupid rad.

“I can’t even fucking explain it. The song just kept building and building and building… yeah, to this day it’s my favorite fucking Metallica song. It’s so rad.”

Metallica definitely strayed away from their thrash sound, but you know you’ve hit on something heavy when even Corey Taylor is at a loss for words. 

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