Listen: Deftones’ Chino Moreno Covered A George Michael Song And It Sounds Amazing

Chino Moreno Photo By Carlos Castro/Europa Press via Getty Images / George Michael Photo by Jim Steinfeldt/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
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As part of his side project Crosses, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno covered the George Michael song “One More Try,” and it sounds awesome!

Chino started Crosses in 2011, and if you are a Deftones fan who has yet to check out the side project, you ought to; Crosses shares quite a few sonic similarities with Deftones.

Earlier this month, Crosses released their brand new EP, titled Permanent.Radiant. It is an awesome release that continues to highlight the amazing artistry of Chino Moreno.

But it looks like Chino wanted to release more new music this month! For while the new Crosses EP came out some weeks ago, Crosses has just released a cover of the George Michael song “One More Try.”

Chino and Crosses did an amazing job capturing the mood of the original George Michael track. You can check out their cover below.

Some months back, we ranked all of the Deftones albums from worst to best. You can check out that full ranking by following the link below, but we have also included a brief excerpt here regarding what we think about the band’s album Adrenaline.

Where do you think we ranked that Deftones album?

“Compared to their nu metal contemporaries, Adrenaline is a very intriguing work of heavy music. It certainly pulls from the stylistic traits of nu metal, but also displays a band interested in creating beyond those stereotypical elements – offering heavy music that hints at something much dreamier.

“But while Adrenaline is a fine Deftones album offering some killer nu metal, it is also the most basic level of presentation and technicality that the band have ever presented. When you compare this record to everything Deftones would go on to do – all the brilliant blends of style and stunning technicality that allows for such rich compositions of flavor and awe – Adrenaline feels lacking.”

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