Watch: The Latest Episode Of Chainsaw Man Features The Most Metal + Bloodiest Fight Of 2022

Chainsaw Man: Tatsuki Fujimoto/MAPPA/Crunchyroll
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We at The Pit are obsessed with Chainsaw Man. We have watched a lot of movies, TV, and anime this year, and, oh boy, we adore Chainsaw Man above all else.

For those who do not know – Chainsaw Man is a story that made its manga debut in Shonen Jump back in 2018; it is written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The general premise of the story is that it takes place in a world full of Devils, and our main character (Denji) is a human with Devil powers.

Those Devil powers allow him to *checks notes*… sprout multiple chainsaws from his body. That premise alone had us sold from the start, but when you start diving into Chainsaw Man‘s story, there is so much more to become obsessed with.

The anime adaptation of the story made its debut this past October, and so far it has been a fucking delight. At the time of this writing, the show has nine episodes out, and among those episodes, the most recent had us in awe. That’s because it features one of the best fights we have seen all year across movies, TV, anime, and hell even video games.

After watching this past episode, we felt it would be awesome to share a clip with our readers. Please note that Chainsaw Man spoilers are ahead.

This recent episode features a fight against Denji and “Katana Man” (an individual who has the Devil power to sprout katana blades from his body). Let alone that this fight is beautifully animated, it is also fucking brutal. Blood, decapitation, gore, you name it – this is top-tier anime action mayhem.

You can check out this amazing fight for yourself via the video player below. If you are not watching and/or reading Chainsaw man at the moment, we highly recommend you check it out! Also, if you are interested in seeing more anime content from The Pit, we have something special to share with our readers next week!

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