Brian Welch Has Issues With Korn’s ‘Untouchables’

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Many musicians have an album they’re not totally jazzed about.

When talking about Korn’s back catalog, guitarist Brian Welch doesn’t feel that comfortable with one of their best records.

During a recent interview, Brian said that Untouchables was one of the hardest records for him to make saying,

The record was kind of challenging. I attempted sobriety on that record. And we actually went to Arizona and got all these mansions and started recording and writing in these houses. And most of ’em were party houses. And I’m trying to get sober. And we spent so much money on that record. But it came out good.”

Welch did eventually get sober years later, saying that faith helped change his need for substances saying,

“It was just a cycle of doing the wrong things and feeling guilty, wanting to medicate and not feel the guilt because I can’t change. That’s where the faith came in. It gave me this power to desire to keep going.”

Even though the production was a little scattered, Brian doesn’t regret making the album either, saying that he still likes a lot of the songs:

“I like the record a lot — I think it’s really good — but I love ‘Here To Stay’. That opening, that riff, those guitar tones we got, you can’t match ’em — it’s ours forever; it’s our sound forever. That song hit hard.”

Brian isn’t the one member of Korn to have issues looking back on their older material. Singer Jonathan Davis had mentioned recently that he didn’t like having to play their debut record so much on tour saying,

I’m gonna be straight up honest. I don’t like fucking playing that fucking record. It’s dark and it fucks with my head.”

There may have been a lot of pain going into Untouchables, but letting out that anger has helped fans deal with their emotions for decades now.

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