Bam Margera Reportedly Hospitalized for COVID, on Ventilator

Bam Margera Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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As reported by TMZ, Jackass star Bam Margera is reportedly in the hospital and on a ventilator. Per their report, Margera is sick with pneumonia and has tested positive for COVID.

Sources who are close to this situation say that Margera was actually admitted to the hospital earlier this week. While he is being treated in the ICU, doctors say that his condition is stable. Given everything Bam has already gone through in the past year, it sucks to hear that he has been hit with both pneumonia and COVID.

We are thinking of you Bam and wish you a speedy recovery <3 We will keep readers posted on any new developments pertaining to this story as details arrive.

A few months ago, Bam Margera took part in an episode of fellow Jackass star Steve-O’s podcast. During the roughly 57-minute conversation the two had, Steve-O and Margera spoke about their individual struggles with alcoholism (and a lot of what Bam has been going through). Among other topics discussed, Margera also vocalized how upset he is for being “kicked out” of Jackass.

'It's just f*****g ridiculous': Bam Margera Talks To Steve-O About 'Getting Kicked Out' Of Jackass

While Margera has been in rehab this year, his family ended up having to put out a statement regarding their issues and concerns with the “Free Bam” movement. Per Bam’s family, people using this phrase has “caused confusion and threat to Bam and our families.” You can check out the full statement they provided by following the link below.

The Margera Family Asks For A Stop To The 'Free Bam' Movement

Earlier this year, there were reports that Bam had actually fled a facility he was supposed to be at regarding treatment. While things ended up getting sorted out and Margera was relatively fine, it was still a matter that made many folks concerned. Prior to that incident, Margera was involved in a skateboarding accident where he really messed up his wrist.

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