WATCH: Amon Amarth Forge Viking Weapons in ‘Oden Owns You All’ Video

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Amon Amarth knows how to pull off an aesthetic.

Every one of their songs sounds like it could soundtrack a Viking raid or a scene out of The Northmen. They know how to harness intense power and storytelling in their music, and their latest video for ‘Oden Owns You All’ is the newest chapter of their output.

If you’ve seen one of their past videos, like their very Mad Max-Esque ’Get In The Ring’ from earlier this year, you know how they can roll out an excellent narrative. “Oden Owns You All” is simpler than some of their grand gestures, but it gets to the heart and capability of their music.

Throughout the video, we’re treated to a group of warriors preparing for a battle in the form of weapon construction. As Amon Amarth’s punishing music drives forward, you’ll see blacksmithing at its finest, as a weapon is forged for war.

Hearing chug riffs in time with the smith’s hammer pounding against steel is an excellent visual, and the video wraps up with a warrior being presented with a new weapon. Who knows if the narrative will continue into the next chapter of what’s going on, but we certainly hope so.

The song comes from the band’s excellent new record “The Great Heathen Army,” which is out now in its entirety. You can check it out here.

For those who really want to get to know the band’s world inside and out, Amon Amarth is releasing a graphic novel and role-playing game. Publisher Z2 Comics shared the following on the game:

“In the 9th century, a coalition of Viking warriors from Scandinavia invaded England, reaping unprecedented chaos throughout Great Britain. Metal pioneers Amon Amarth and Z2 Comics will now present that tale in all of its carnage and mayhem in THE GREAT HEATHEN ARMY, coinciding with the band’s 2022 album. Written by Dan Watters (Lucifer, Arkham City) and illustrated by Ario Murti, this epic graphic novel captures the devastating human cost to both sides of this brutal clash.”

We’re excited to get into the band’s world. In the meantime, check out the video for ‘Oden Owns You All’ below.

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