Someone Dressed Up As Santa Claus Was Driving Around LA Passing Out Ghost Merch

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As reported by Metal Hammer, there was a truck going around LA this past Tuesday that featured the Ghost band logo and Tobias Forge on it; on top of that, it was also blasting the song “Mary on a Cross.” This song is the Ghost track that recently boomed in viral popularity thanks to a Stranger Things-related TikTok.

However, on top of all that, accompanying this truck was a person dressed up as Santa Claus, and they were passing out Ghost merch! The Instagram account “hailghost” caught some photos of this truck and Santa. Per the caption associated with their post, they wrote: “Edit: In LA Allegedly there’s a truck driving around playing the Mary on a Cross live video, with Santa handing out Ghost merchandise! What is going on??”

You can check out these photos for yourself below. Who would have thought Santa would be so into Ghost? Would you be excited to see the guy come to your hometown and pass out free Ghost merch?

In other news related to Ghost, Tobias Forge recently talked about the idea of him creating death metal music (it is a genre he loves very much and he used to be in a death metal band). Also, Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher says that Ghost has become the new Kiss. Do you agree with him?

Ghost Mastermind Tobias Forge Talks About The Possibility Of Playing Death Metal

Mastodon Guitarist Bill Kelliher Says Ghost Has Become The New Kiss

Back in October, we ranked all of the Ghost albums from worst to best. You can check out that full list by following the link below, but here is what we said about the band’s latest album Impera.

“The latest Ghost album is Impera (which came out earlier this year). While it is one of our favorite albums of this year, compared to other Ghost albums, it is lacking a punch as well. While we appreciate the thrilling sense of pop, rock, metal, and theatricality that the band present throughout the record, we’d love to hear more of that horror atmosphere the band used to offer. That said, every time we listen to this Ghost album, we have a blast doing so!”

Ghost Albums Ranked Worst To Best


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