10 Times Rock Stars Dissed Heavy Metal

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Metal is not a genre for everyone. 

The loud guitars and harsh vocals might rub some people the wrong way, but these celebrities got a little too eager in dragging the genre through the mud. 

It might not be their taste, but these stars felt motivated enough that they thought they should call out heavy metal for a myriad of different reasons. From having a problem with certain bands to the old claim of ‘it’s not even real music,’ every one of these artists has had beef with the tunes the genre was built on.

Granted, each of these opinions should be taken with a grain of salt, since most of these artists couldn’t play this kind of music if they tried. You might not like it, but don’t make people feel bad for liking it. 


Most people on this list tend to have a problem with a certain metal band. But for Noel Gallagher, he’d prefer if the genre never existed at all. 

Though Metallica’s Lars Ulrich remains an Oasis stan, Noel is not ready to accept metal calling it “goth music” and saying “there’s a reason why {their fans} slit their wrists.” Back when Oasis was still going, Noel even made fun of metal music during rehearsals, making up a song called “TURMOIL” that was just him screaming into the microphone and playing a bastardized version of thrash metal. 

Noel might think that he’s a musical genius by himself, but we’d prefer Birds In Row to High Flying Birds any day. 


The 1975 has a lot of influences they like to draw from, but heavy metal is pretty low on their list.

There are definitely some punk tendencies to their sound (and a love for bands like Rival Schools), but frontman Matt Healy wants nothing to do with the thrash scene. In an interview with Pitchfork, Healy talked about his ‘80s influences and talked about his love for acts like Kate Bush before saying, 

“I fucking hate Metallica. The worst band of all time for me.” 

Despite the comments, Metallica’s profile has only gotten stronger, with a new album on the way and being included in one of the most metal scenes of this year in Stranger Things. 

If we’re using that metric though, Matty is definitely on the ‘Running Up That Hill’ hype train than ‘Master of Puppets.’ 

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From day one, ignorant parents have been calling heavy metal “pure noise.” 

Some rock stars feel similarly, as Keith Richards held nothing back when calling heavy metal terrible saying, 

“It all sounds like a dull thud to me.” Keef had done his homework before he started trash-talking too saying, “Millions are in love with Metallica and Black Sabbath. I thought they were all jokes.”

When asked about the heavy music he does listen to though, Keith reps the blues like he used to during his glory days with the Rolling Stones. Surely, Keith could find something to like in an Iommi riff that he can find in a John Lee Hooker riff. 

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During the mid-2010s, The Arctic Monkeys were about as close to rock and roll as the pop charts would get. 

When it came time for them to headline Glastonbury back in 2013, frontman Alex Turner got upset when he found out that Metallica would be one of the main attractions on the bill. Thinking that the festival should be catering to more alternative and eclectic acts, Turner told the press how upset he was about Metallica’s inclusion saying, 

I’m not sure it adds up. I know we’d buzz off it, but fundamentally could you have Metallica in the hippy nucleus?” 

Given how well Metallica’s performance went, maybe the ‘hippy nucleus’ likes a lot more metal than Alex gave them credit for. 

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Metal artists are no strangers to reality TV…just be careful who you put them with. 

When Vince Neil was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, he got into an argument on set with Boy George, who got upset that Vince insisted on drinking wine during one of the challenges. George was trying to stay sober at the time, but Vince was not about to put down his wine, saying “I’m well over 21” and continuing to drink his booze. 

Though we get the tame version on camera, fellow contestant Chael Sonnen said it was about to get physical in the room saying, “They had a real-life confrontation. It was a fight. It was verbal but it was escalating very quickly.” You can respect George for wanting to stay sober on camera, but you’re never going to tell a member of Motley Crue how to live their life. 


The nu-metal crowd may have embraced Kid Rock, but he doesn’t really want anything to do with hair metal.

During the ‘00s, Rock got into a messy love triangle when he married Pamela Anderson, ex-wife of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. Though things started off pleasant enough between them, things got heated during the MTV Video Music Awards, where Lee and Rock got into a scrap in the audience. 

While Kid Rock seemed to initiate the fight by hitting Tommy for no reason, some witnesses said that Tommy was goading Rock most of the night until the rapper lost his temper. 

There’s no real winner in this scenario, but hearing Tommy Lee refer to his sparring partner as Kid Pebble after the fact is solid. 



There was a real dividing line between Nirvana once Kurt Cobain died. 

Even though Dave Grohl has been the nicest guy in rock, Courtney Love was never that much of a fan, thinking that he only wanted to live in the shadow of her husband’s band. During one show she was playing, she noticed a picture of Kurt in the crowd and went off on the fan who brought it saying,

“Go see the fucking Foo Fighters and do that shit” before walking off stage. The feud only got uglier from there, including Love claiming that Grohl had tried to hit on her daughter Frances Bean Cobain, which both Dave and Frances have each denied

When Nirvana was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame though, Dave and Courtney embraced and seemed to be on at least better terms. Nirvana always had a media circus following them, but here’s hoping the survivors are happy these days. 


Eminem seemed to fit right in when nu-metal started gaining traction. 

Even though he appeared as an extra in a Korn video, had a cameo in the music video for ‘Break Stuff’ by Limp Bizkit and played Warped Tour, things started to unravel pretty quickly afterward. While the feud started between Em and Whitey Ford, Bizkit’s support for Ford led to Em coming for their throats. 

On the D12 song ‘Girls,’ Slim Shady tears Bizkit through the mud in the most Eminem way he can, calling them a bunch of girls among other politically incorrect jabs. Fred was still holding onto that diss a few years ago when tearing into himself on ‘Love the Hate,’ with lyrics calling himself “Sure as fuck ain’t no Eminem. Looks like he got Drake’s pubes on his chin.”  

Moral of the story? No one is safe from Eminem. 



You couldn’t escape nu-metal if you tried around 2000, and it was really starting to get on the Green Day frontman’s nerves. 

During interviews, he would mention how he thought the entire genre sucked saying, 

“I don’t get it. I don’t wanna get it and I’m okay with the fact that I don’t get it.” Things boiled over during a show at Amoeba Records when someone threw a mask onstage. Billie played along with it, throwing the mask and saying ‘We’re Slipknot. FUCK YOU’ before saying, ‘Why don’t you try writing a good fucking song for once.’ 

Since this was the waning days before American Idiot came out, Billie may have been trying to  start some sort of rivalry with the Knot. For his sake, Slipknot never took the bait. 

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In the world of hair metal, Jon Bon Jovi always leaned more toward pop. 

When Jon took the band in a mainstream direction in the ‘00s though, he was pretty pissy about some of his hair metal peers that were still in the public eye. During an interview talking about Axl Rose, Jon called out the Guns N Roses frontman for being creatively lazy for the past few years. 

This was still when Chinese Democracy was in production limbo, and Jon laid out his cards saying “That motherfucker {Axl} hasn’t made a record in 13 years and he gets all the attention. Do you know what I have written in 13 years? But they still focus on the freak show aspect of him. He’s a recluse. That makes him interesting, right?” 

Chinese Democracy may have eventually seen the light of day, but that hasn’t dulled Axl’s reputation as the Howard Hughes of hard rock.