Yes, That’s Touché Amoré Singer Jeremy Bolm in the New Weird Al Movie

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It’s a pretty rare thing to be watching a big-budget movie and finding the singer of one of your favorite modern melodic hardcore bands in said movie. But that’s exactly what’s going down in the new Weird Al biopic that just came out, WEIRD: The Al Yankovich Story.

Touché Amoré frontman Jeremy Bolm has a part in the film as a (wait for it), guy in a band!

Per Bolm’s Instagram, here is how the opportunity came to be:

“In January, director extraordinaire and past guest of the podcast @erockappel messaged me asking “is your head still shaved and are you free on these two days” – which lead to “do you wanna be in the WEIRD AL biopic”.

It was the most surreal experience I’ll never forget. Had the best couple days with my SKUNKBARF band mates @jonahray and @johnny_pemberton / getting to meet @alfredyankovic Daniel Radcliffe and @rainnwilson and having the privilege of watching @erockappel work his ass off to make something so special.

WEIRD: The Al Yankovich Story is available to stream RIGHT NOW on the @therokuchannel – it’s on their main page for free!


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As Jeremy says, you can watch the movie right now for free at this location. Good on Jeremy for the cool opportunity, as WEIRD as it might be. Get it? Get it? Sorry, had to. Had no choice.