Why Bruce Dickinson Thinks The First Iron Maiden Album Is A ‘Sack Of Sh*t’

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Over the course of this year alone, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has had his fair share of complaining and moaning.

From freaking out at concertgoers lighting flairs during a live show to complaining about those smoking weed at an Iron Maiden concert, it doesn’t take much to get under Bruce’s skin. And another thing that seems to rub Bruce the wrong way is the first Iron Maiden record.

The first Iron Maiden album came out in 1980, and at that time, Bruce Dickinson was not the band’s singer yet. That honor went to Paul Di’Anno; Dickinson would become the band’s singer in 1981 and would make his studio album debut on 1992’s The Number of the Beast.

So what does Bruce think of the band’s past work, prior to him joining the band? Well, per a past interview with Spin, the interviewer brings up how past Iron Maiden material had a “punk” edge to it.

While Bruce agrees with that sentiment, he feels that way for a particular, not-so-positive reason. And apparently, the band wasn’t fond of the punk label either. Here is what Bruce Dickinson had to say about the band’s self-titled debut album:

“If you look at all the old Steve Harris interviews — he hates punk rock. The first Maiden album sounded punky because it sounded like a sack of s–t. He hates that record. The first singer [Paul Di’Anno] gave it a little bit of that kind of vibe, but the punk thing was nailed to the band by the press.

The band absolutely hated it, because there was no way on God’s green earth Maiden were ever, even remotely, a punk band. As soon as Killers came out, which was a proper sounding record, it was obvious — where’s the punk thing on Killers?

You’ve got ‘Murders in the Rue Mourge’ which basically could have been off of Deep Purple’s In Rock, you’ve got ‘Prodigal Son,’ a proggy, sweet little ballad, you’ve got ‘Twilight Zone,’ all this kind of stuff — where’s the punk thing? Don’t get it.”

Do you agree with Bruce? Do you think that first Maiden record sounds like a “sack of shit”?

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