‘I’m so fuc*in’ pissed at you … you little bi*ch’: When Corey Taylor Went Off On Sid Wilson

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The members of Slipknot have a long history of going at each other’s throats; it has been well documented over the years the various conflicts that have come about in the Slipknot camp. There have been a plethora of fights to erupt within the band, and one that really sticks out to us is a backstage incident involving band frontman Corey Taylor and band turntablist Sid Wilson.

Footage pertaining to this particular backstage incident has been uploaded to YouTube (but originates from the Slipknot documentary Slipknot: Goat – The 10th Anniversary Of Iowa). Per the documentary’s title, this conflict appears to have taken place around the time the band had released/were making Iowa. In this footage (which you will find below), you will see Corey Taylor sitting backstage, just chilling out. Eventually, Sid appears in the camera frame and says the following to Corey (all quotes transcribed by The Pit):

“You gotta get that fuckin’ camera [inaudible – he may be saying “back”].”

For whatever reason, this sets off Corey BIG TIME. The frontman shouts at Wilson an aggressive sounding “Fuck off!” He then gets up, still shouting at Sid and says, “I’m so fucking pissed at you! Fuck you you little fuckin’ bitch!”

Corey and Sid then shout “fuck yous” back at each other. The footage then concludes with Corey sitting back down, with who appears to be the late Paul Gray stopping by to say something to the singer.

From what the band have expressed in more recent interviews, the members seem to have a much healthier relationship with one another as of nowadays. But holy shit, to think that this was the kind of environment they all worked in? That shit is fucking tense. You can check out this conflict between Corey and Sid for yourself below.

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