What is Ozzy Osbourne’s Net Worth… Exactly How Rich Is Ozzy Osbourne?

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How rich is Ozzy Osbourne? What is Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth?

Born December 3rd, 1948, Ozzy Osbourne has become that of a heavy metal God. The world would come to know Ozzy Osbourne first through his work with the almighty and legendary Black Sabbath. With their 1970 self-titled debut, Sabbath began taking over the music world, becoming one of the most iconic acts in music history.

During his time with the band, Ozzy Osbourne would help create nine Black Sabbath studio albums. Those Black Sabbath albums are: Black Sabbath (released in 1970), Paranoid (released in 1970), Master of Reality (released in 1971), Vol. 4 (released in 1972), Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (released in 1973), Sabotage (released in 1975), Technical Ecstasy (released 1976), Never Say Die! (released in 1978), and 13 (released 2013).

Come 1980, Ozzy Osbourne would go on to release his first-ever solo album. Including that record, these are all the solo albums Ozzy has released: Blizzard of Ozz (released in 1980), Diary of a Madman (released in 1981), Bark at the Moon (released in 1983), The Ultimate Sin (released in 1986), No Rest for the Wicked (released in 1988), No More Tears (released in 1991), Ozzmosis (released in 1995), Down to Earth (released in 2001), Under Cover (released in 2005), Black Rain (released in 2007), Scream (released in 2010), Ordinary Man (released in 2020), and Patient Number 9 (released in 2022).

Both Black Sabbath and Ozzy’s solo careers have gone on to become global successes. Along with having a reality TV show, a tremendous plethora of merchandise, and selling loads and loads of music, Ozzy Osbourne has gone on to live one hell of a successful life! So of course we are curious to know, what is Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth? When you consider all the success he has had, we imagine that Ozzy Osbourne is rich as hell!

Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth is $220 million

Holy shit that is a lot of money! Are you surprised to hear that Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth is $220 million? Would you imagine Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth to be higher perhaps?

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