Watch Restored Footage of Alice In Chains Firing On All Cylinders During ’92 MTV New Year’s Eve Special

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History tends to look back on the Layne Staley-era of Alice in Chains as a purely dark period. And of course, there were dark times.

The band’s subject matter was often morbid and morose, and Layne’s well-documented struggles with addiction and substance abuse were no laughing matter.

But Alice in Chains in the 90’s wasn’t all doom and gloom, all the time. And that’s why this recently restored and upgraded pro-shoot footage of the band on New Year’s Eve is extra special.

Shot at the legendary Roseland Ballroom (R.I.P.) in Manhattan, the band was truly firing on all cylinders, ripping through then still new but now timeless classics ‘Would?’, ‘Angry Chair’ and ‘Them Bones.’ It was all captured for an MTV special that had the guys ushering in the year 1993 to a packed Roseland room.

But while the band sound fantastic, most importantly, they were having a blast.

From Layne laughing off someone in the front row flipping him off for no apparent reason, to the guys all wearing t-shirts of what they wanted to each change their first names to, it’s a time capsule moment of a band that was enjoying the art of playing music and their relatively newfound success.

Check out the three songs below and stick around at the end for a fun interview with Layne and Mike Starr (R.I.P.).

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