Watch: Music From Nightwish Appeared In A Recent Simpsons Episode

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Over the years, there have been many cameos to appear within the Simpsons; more recently, the beloved cartoon featured a musical cameo from the symphonic metal act Nightwish.

Per a recent episode that aired earlier this week, the Nightwish song “Yours Is An Empty Hope” appeared in the Simpsons. The title of this episode is “Step Brother from the Same Planet,” and per a synopsis of this episode (as found via SimpsonsWiki): “Homer is stunned by his feelings of rage and resentment when Grampa becomes a doting stepfather to his girlfriend’s quirky young son. Meanwhile Lisa and Bart throw the ultimate slumber party.”

Nightwish shared news of their song being included in the cartoon, calling the cameo an “honor.” Below is everything they had to say (via a Twitter post):

“One of the crazier honors has happened this week.  Our song, ‘Yours Is An Empty Hope’ was used in the latest @TheSimpsons episode ‘Step Brother from the Same Planet’!!  What a wonderful surprise to hear about while on tour! Do you like The Simpsons?”

We have included a video below that features the scene where the Nightwish song makes its appearance. We love to hear metal stepping over into various forms of pop culture. Recently, while not TV-related, we shared a story where Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares said that he feels the band were “pioneers” for pushing metal music into video games. And speaking of Simpsons, have you seen the AI-generated music video for Cannibal Corpse‘s “Hammer Smashed Face” (which includes gory Simpsons-related imagery)?

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