Watch: Metal Grandson Screams Insane Lorna Shore Cover at His Grandma’s 70th Birthday Party

Dennis Radaelli, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Anyone remotely familiar with Lorna Shore knows that these guys like to indulge in some of the most throat-shredding screams known to man.

And thanks to TikTok, we’re getting even more love for the scream as well, turning the song “To the Hellfire” into an ongoing trend, as metalheads try their hand at imitating the same death metal howl. Metal knows no demographics though, and one of the more wholesome screams came from a 70-year-old’s birthday party.

As a present to his grandmother, the TikTok star @gxbeurl delivered an amazing cover of the tune for his nan, who probably preferred this over the Perry Comos of the world.

What really makes the whole thing work though is the setting, with our guy really getting into it and even having the Randy Blythe-style leg stance on a plastic chair as pink frilly decorations are scattered all over the place. 

The whole thing is enough to give you aesthetic whiplash so hard, but it’s also pretty adorable to see the rest of the family getting into it as well, seeming extremely proud of him for working this up to this brilliant cover and wanting to open up the pit in their damn living room.

For as blood-soaked as the actual performance is, the singer actually expressed finding a certain comfort in this kind of music, saying “ I used to be nervous until the realization that vocals bring me closer to my fam since everyone sings clean and I do screams hit me hard.”

It’s also encouraging to see the comments actually supporting his pursuit of some of the most vicious screams known to man, posting that “The amount of confidence you gotta have to do this in front of your family, can’t even cry in front of mine without getting embarrassed.”

Regardless of what the grandmother’s reaction to the scream was, this kid’s definitely got some talent behind the mic and we look forward to seeing him taking on even more death metal karaoke in the future. 

@gxbeurl there’s alot more vids of me at my nana’s #metalvocalist #metalheads #alttiktok #metalguitarist #lornashore #tothehellfire #deathcorevocals ♬ original sound – BUBBLES💜