Watch: Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge & Creed Gifts Guitar To Disabled Fan Onstage

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One of the cardinal rules about becoming a big rock star is not letting any of that ego go to your head.

The fans come first before anything else, and the moment that you start going down your own personal rabbit hole is when you start to get called a diva in the rock industry.

And while Mark Tremonti certainly has the pedigree to act like a diva if he wanted to, he’s willing to do right by his fans if one of the last Alter Bridge shows was any indication.

During a recent show in Milan, Tremonti went to the front of the stage, unplugged his guitar, and gifted it to a fan in the front row who was suffering from Down Syndrome, bringing her up onstage and letting her soak up the applause that he had been experiencing all night.

Tremonti did eventually take to Instagram talking about making this fans’ night that much better, saying:

I just have to share one of my happiest moments on stage. I hope she loves the guitar as much as we loved giving it to her. Thanks for an awesome night Milan!!”

This wasn’t even the first time this year that Mark has demonstrated his wholesome tendencies to his fans. Completely removed from Alter Bridge or his solo band, Mark tried his hand at his own passion project by covering a handful of Sinatra tunes for an album (which he totally killed, by the way), with the proceeds going to charity for those affected with Down Syndrome. 

Even though this might not be that big of a deal for rockstars seeing crowds every night, seeing the fan get up on stage and being absolutely ecstatic is the reason why rock stars should be playing music in the first place, bringing people joy even if they don’t have the guitar strapped around their back. 

Tremonti might have a lot of heaviness under his belt in both of his outfits, but it’s moments like this that tell you that the man’s heart is as big as the riffs he plays night after night. 

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