Watch: Machine Gun Kelly Gives Nonsensical Speech At AMA’s: ‘I’m a rocket man’

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For the last few years,  Machine Gun Kelly has made a name for himself more for what he says than the actual music he produces.

Since the man basically got laughed out of hip-hop when Eminem destroyed him, his jarring transition into rock music has become one of the weirder trends to watch, especially when he started taking shots at more of the mainline acts like Corey Taylor.

The man will say anything when he has a mic in his hand, and things got a lot weirder when he won at the American Music Awards over the weekend. 

Despite basically living up to the album title on Mainstream Sellout, MGK showed up to the proceedings in what looks like the cartoon suit version of Craig JonesSlipknot mask and was borderline incomprehensible throughout most of his acceptance speech, saying:

There have been some people in the rock community who called me a tourist, but they’re wrong – I’m a rocket man.”

Before all three of you Elton John fans here come to his defense though, Kelly just had to go ahead and make things a little bit weirder, going on to say “We weren’t born on the moon but we looked at it and we were curious and then we went there… supposedly, and these two rock albums were me going to the moon. But I’m not done exploring the universe yet, and I am all genres.”

No one’s going to dock points for the man following his muse, but it also is a question of whether people are just drumming up buzz because of how much they hate this new direction.

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The title track of his last album is literally just a list of complaints people had about him, so it’s not like he isn’t aware of the kind of backlash that he’s gotten over the years.