Watch: Limp Bizkit’s Cover of Tool’s ‘Opiate’ Sure Was… Something

Fred Durst by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images. Maynard James Keenan by Ebet Roberts/Redfern
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Fred Durst has never been shy through the years about his unadulterated admiration for Tool and Maynard James Keenan. Back in the late 90’s, he all so much as told MTV News that Tool was the reason Limp Bizkit was doing the Ozzfest run:

“Tool is like one of my favorite bands. I mean, they are beyond a doubt one of the best bands in the world. Whether you like them or not, you just can’t help but respect what they’re doing. It’s phenomenal.

They take you on a journey with every song, and it seems like it’s perfect, you know? I really believe that when he says he sold his soul to make a record. They’re out there. Something happened to those guys. They’re special. There’s something about that band.”

Took the words right out of our mouths, Mr. Durst.

So, given the admiration, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Limp Bizkit often took to covering Tool’s ‘Opiate’ live many times over the years. Why ‘Opiate’ in particular? As Durst tells it:

 “Tool is the chills and the sound. I mean, they don’t do anything but stand there. Maynard does a couple weird kicks with his foot, and you’re just like, ‘Oh my God.’ You can’t believe it. I’m really, really impressed by Tool since ‘Opiate.’ It touches me hard.

I listen to what he says, and I believe in God, (Maynard) obviously doesn’t. He has a problem with the religion thing, the organized religion thing. I don’t think that I’m really into organized religion. I believe in God, but everything he says makes sense. You listen to his words, and you’re like, ‘Holy s**t, how did you write that song?’

And he sings in ways that… like you can hear the influence of Maynard in the (Limp Bizkit) song ‘Nobody Loves Me’ in the middle, in the break-down in the middle. I actually copied the way he sings.”

So anyways, the cover. We’ll be honest, the first time we watched this, we weren’t sure how we felt about it. Tool songs are a pretty precious thing, and the “Limp Bizkitifcation” of this song didn’t go down the ‘ol pipes right at first. Almost like watching a high school band cover it at a talent show.

But after watching it a few more times, there’s something kind of endearing about it, especially knowing that Durst is really just a big giddy fan. So, we’ll put our Tool snobbery aside and enjoy this for what it is- a little silly, a little goofy, and a little fun.

Hat tip to Revolver for putting us on to the video.

Watch Limp Bizkit cover Tool’s ‘Opiate’