Watch Layne Staley Sing In a Pre-Alice In Chains Glam Metal Band

Layne Staley: Rex Aran Emrick, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia. Early Layne via Pinterest.
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The late Layne Staley is fondly remembered to this day as one of the most powerful singers in all of music. But did you know, before his days as a grunge icon, Layne was in a pre-Alice In Chains glam metal band? Not only that, but the band’s name was (and we are serious here): Alice N’ Chains.

Prior to starting the Alice In Chains we all know and love, Staley played with a different lineup entirely. While it still featured Nick Pollack on bass, Jerry Cantrell had not yet entered Staley’s musical orbit.

Instead, we had Johnny Bacolas (on guitar) and James Bergstrom (playing drums), with Layne on vocal duty (of course).

So many of us of course only know Staley’s voice from Alice In Chains; the multi-faceted moods Layne was able to channel truly elevated the band’s material to powerful and emotional heights. So to be honest, it is a tad surreal to hear the guy fronting a glam metal band.

With that said though, they actually kind of rocked. Check out the video below to see Layne Staley in the full on glam metal band, Alice N’ Chains.

Could Layne Staley possibly have had a successful career if he continued forward as a glam metal artist? He clearly had the talent, but if we’re being honest, we’re glad he pivoted in the darker musical direction that we know and love him for.

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