‘I don’t hear music’: Gen-Z Kids React To And Poke Fun At Slipknot – Video

Gen Z Reacts To Slipknot! (Psychosocial, The Dying Song, Wait And Bleed) | React: REACT. YouTube / Slipknot - Wait And Bleed [OFFICIAL VIDEO] [HD]: Slipknot, YouTube, WMG; Sony Music Publishing
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Over the course of their career, the fanbase for Slipknot has only grown, encompassing a variety of generations. Among those generations is that of Gen-Z (people who would have been born between the late 1990’s and the early 2010’s).

Over on the YouTube channel REACT, a group of Gen-Z kids were asked to watch footage of Slipknot and to share their feelings about the band’s performances and music. REACT has done a tremendous plethora of videos featuring folks from different generations reacting to a variety of media (whether that be music, anime, movies, etc.).

This video in particular features young kids watching Slipknot music videos; those music videos happen to involve “Psychosocial,” “The Dying Song (Time To Sing),” and “Wait And Bleed,” and others. We had ourselves a good laugh watching these Gen-Z kids react to Slipknot, for some of their reactions are hilarious as hell.

One kid shares how Slipknot are some “Freaky people,” and then mentions “Their masks freak me out way too much.”

Another kid says, talking about Corey Taylor, “I kind of like his voice, but what is this face?” referring to Corey Taylor’s Slipknot mask. The same person then goes on to say, “Is this The Purge?” (referring to the horror movie series).

These reactions range from comical to wholesome as heck; most of the kids seem to have been unaware of Slipknot (prior to watching their videos), which makes their reactions even more priceless. Below you will find the video that features these Gen-Z kids reacting to Slipknot. What did you think of Slipknot the first time you saw and heard them?

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