Type O Negative Drummer Speaks To The Possibility Of A Band Reunion – Like What Pantera Are Doing

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2010 marked a difficult year for goth rockers Type O Negative. Not only did the band decide to call it quits, but their frontman and bassist Peter Steele had passed away as well. Type O Negative had a big impact on many people’s lives, and to this day, the metal and rock communities mourn the death of Peter Steele.

Throughout the years, some have wondered if there could be any sort of band reunion (with someone else taking up the role of band bassist and vocalist). This was a topic that came up in a recent conversation with ex-band drummer Johnny Kelly (while he was taking part in an interview with Sonic Seducer magazine).

If the likes of Pantera are performing as a tribute act – with two of the original members having passed away – then it could be possible for Type O Negative to also follow in similar footsteps, right? But what does Johnny think of such an idea? Well, when asked about a theoretical reunion tour, the ex-band drummer says (the following was transcribed by Metal Hammer:

“I don’t know if I would ever wanna do something like take it on the road or… It could never be a reunion; Peter’s not there, so it’s impossible to call it a reunion.”

However, Johnny does share that he feels Peter Steele’s work should be celebrated. “I think that Peter’s work deserves some kind of celebration. And how that can happen, I really have no idea. But we’ve never seriously considered doing any kind of reunion or putting something out there as Type O Negative without Peter. Peter, his musicianship, his character — without him there, you can’t call it Type O Negative.”

Well, while a reunion may not be happening, what could Johnny and the band do to celebrate the legacy of Peter Steele? Do you wish the band would pull a Pantera and do some kind of reunion/tribute show? You can check out the full interview with Johnny below.

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