Trent Reznor Thinks Elon Musk is an ‘Embarrassment’

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If you know anything about Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor, it’s that he doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

The guy who wrote some of the most hard-edged industrial rock of the last century on records like The Downward Spiral has grown a reputation for sticking it to corporate suits over the years, and nowhere does it show more when putting other celebs in their place.

And now with the current Twitter ownership fiasco, Trent has set his sights on the big billionaire that’s tearing Twitter to shreds, Elon Musk.

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In a new interview, Trent vented about how much he thinks Elon Musk is an “embarrassment,” and that he is “about to depart” Twitter as a user himself, despite having over a million devout followers on the platform. Reznor elaborated:

“We don’t need the arrogance of the billionaire class to feel like they can just come in and solve everything. Even without him involved, I just find that it has become such a toxic environment. For my mental health, I need to tune out. I don’t feel good being there anymore.”

This is far from the first time that Trent has spoken out against the more corrupt sides of the fame machine. As far back as the late ‘00s, he was already calling out the Grammys for their practices as well, saying:

“Do we want to be on a shit show on TV? No, not really. Do we want to be affiliated with the Grammys? No, not really. Would we like to reach a large audience and actually do something with integrity on our terms? Well, yeah.”

The Twitter debacle seems to be just another bit of corporate business sticking its nose into places it shouldn’t, with Elon Musk trying to run the more creative medium at the bare minimum instead of putting his all into it. 

In fact, Trent’s behavior for this is more in line with what he saw when his record company tried to jack up prices for his record, asking fans to steal it by saying “Steal away. Steal, steal and steal some more and give it to all your friends and keep on stealing.

Because one way or another these mother f*ckers will get it through their head that they’re ripping people off and that’s not right.”

Trent has done more than enough to retire from music altogether and live the way the other half does, but after all this time he still seems concerned about putting the suits in their place. 

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