Tool Fans are Really Upset About This New ‘10,000 Days’ Teaser Campaign

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Tool has one of the most devout followings in all of music. The band can do no wrong as far as most of them are concerned.

So why are fans on social media all up in arms this week over the news that Tool is teasing something coming soon related to their 4th studio album, ‘10,000 Days’?

Is it a concern that whatever it is might require taking out a second mortgage to afford? Like when they were charging $800 for a signed copy of their last album’s limited vinyl set?

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Is it a concern that this teaser campaign might be drawn out for years and years to stay consistent with Tool’s much-maligned musical release timelines?

No, friends. Fans are up in a tizzy over the mere inkling that this could be a sign of the dreaded ‘NFT drop.’ That’s right, fans are pretty pissed at the fact that what Tool is teasing could just be a limited NFT series, with such choice social media reactions as “if it’s some NFT thing I’ll go walk into traffic.”


NFT’s (or non-fungible tokens) have taken the metal world by storm in recent times, but not necessarily in a positive way. Many fans view them as price-gouging schemes or marketing ploys that don’t offer any real value to fans other than to drain their wallets.

Where do we stand? Well, like any new technology, there are great uses and poor uses. When done correctly with altruistic intentions and a fan-first mentality, we think the potential of NFT’s are cool.

That said, we can’t really point [yet] to many super cool use cases in the world of heavy music outside of Avenged Sevenfold’s Deathbats Club fan club.

Time will tell what Tool has up their sleeves, and if it’ll be a home run for fans or a miss. In the meantime, if you see any interesting uses of NFT’s for metal fans, drop us a line as we’d love to see them.

Watch Tool’s new teaser video for ‘10,000’ Days, whatever it is…


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