Tobias Forge Had No Idea That Ghost Recently Went Viral On TikTok Until His Daughter Clued Him In, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Some months ago, TikTok user editingtherapy uploaded a Stranger Things-related video that featured the Ghost song “Mary On A Cross”; thanks to this video, the Ghost song received a HUGE boost in popularity and went viral. That said, at first, band frontman Tobias Forge was clueless about this success, and it took for his daughter to reveal to him the viral popularity the song had achieved.

Per a new conversation with Metal Hammer, Forge talks about how his daughter revealed to him the major attention that “Mary On A Cross” has been getting. Forge says, “I think it was my daughter who spotted it first. She said, ‘I heard Mary On A Cross on TikTok.’ She’s done that before with other songs. Then I was summoned to a label meeting and they were like, ‘Are you aware of what’s going on?’, and they started presenting stats.”

Speaking to his initial reaction upon hearing about the success of “Mary On A Cross,” Forge shares the following: “I take things like that with a huge grain of salt, because I’m not a TikTok user, so I don’t know what it means. I know that people listening to a streamed song does not mean they like it.”

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What do you make of Ghost’s recent viral success with “Mary On A Cross”? Are you a fan of the song? In other band-related news, we recently ranked all of the Ghost albums from worst to best! You can check out the full ranking by following the link below, but we have included an excerpt here, sharing our thoughts about the band’s album Impera. Where do you think we ranked that album?

“The latest Ghost album is Impera (which came out earlier this year). While it is one of our favorite albums of this year, compared to other Ghost albums, it is lacking a punch as well. While we appreciate the thrilling sense of pop, rock, metal, and theatricality that the band present throughout the record, we’d love to hear more of that horror atmosphere the band used to offer. That said, every time we listen to this Ghost album, we have a blast doing so!”

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