This Rob Zombie and Lady Gaga Mashup Shockingly Rules

Lady Gaga by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for Live Nation. Rob Zombie Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images
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Both Rob Zombie and Lady Gaga are obviously on two separate ends of the music spectrum, sonically speaking.

Though both of them might like to hype up the theatrics in every single one of their shows, Gaga is more about the showmanship of Queen, and Zombie is looking to just give you a rock and roll horror movie in audio form.

There’s a lot more in common than you probably think, and it took just a few mashup skills to bring them together.

Courtesy of DJ Cummberbund, bringing together the backing track of Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ and Zombie’s ‘Dragula’ is the kind of mashup that we didn’t realize we needed.

While it does start out as your traditional Gaga affair, ‘Judas’ is one of her more forceful tracks, with the beat sounding more and more demented as the track plays out.

Actually, it might fit a bit too well for Rob’s schtick in some places, sounding like the guy has just commandeered a dance club instead of the roadster in the lyrics.

Though Gaga doesn’t even say a word on most of the original, Rob’s ‘do it baby’ chorus on top of everything is just the kind of insane mashup that should get primetime on every single Halloween playlist until the end of time.

If you go back and actually look at the Pro Tools session as well, the whole thing just feels like a beautiful mess, bringing in bits and pieces of both songs that have absolutely no business being together and somehow making it a party.

At this rate, this is the kind of mashup that should happen a lot more often, like putting together Rammstein with the likes of Kylie Minogue and finding that middle ground again.

Until we get the bold new version of Nine Inch Nails by way of Earth Wind and Fire, we can still dig through the ditches and burn through the witches in the dance club.