This Is How Fans Are Reacting To The New Metallica Song

Lars Ulrich & Kirk Hammett: Metallica Facebook
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Earlier today a brand new Metallica song was released, and of course, the internet is flooded with opinions! The new song is titled “Lux Æterna” and is part of the band’s upcoming 12th studio album 72 Seasons.

We personally are big fans of this song; it is catchy, it is heavy, and it involves so much of what we love about Metallica. While it is just one song, it really does make us extra excited for the band’s upcoming record. We were curious to see what other fans may think of this new Metallica song, so of course, we scrolled through Twitter and located various different opinions!

Below you will find a small taste of what people think of this new Metallica song. What are your thoughts and feelings when it comes to this new track?

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