Watch: This Cannibal Corpse Song Was Just Too Much For A Bouncer At Their Recent Show

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Even for people who say that they’re into metal, it’s a lot to get them over the line to listen to Cannibal Corpse.

If you tell metalheads that only listen to the likes of Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold to listen to something like Butchered at Birth, you shouldn’t be surprised when the music puts their brains through a damn blender.

When you’re working for the act though, all that matters is the paycheck, but one song ended up being a little intense for one particular security guard. 

Doing the rounds on TikTok right now is footage from a recent concert that Cannibal Corpse did, where they played their controversial song “I Cum Blood.”

Though the actual song might be one of the band’s better tunes on the whole, it’s not necessarily the most family-friendly of topics, and Corpsegrinder let us all knows right out of the great, gathering himself before screaming, “This song’s about spraying blood from your C*CK.”

We all knew that was coming (so to speak), but not so for the security guard, whose expression is one of the most confused a human being could ever make.

In just a few seconds in the video, you can practically see him go through a whirlwind of every emotion that he can in the moment, from questioning what he just heard to wanting to laugh to eventually just walking offscreen before he could even process everything.

To his credit, it’s not every day that you hear a song that talks about squirting something from your more delicate areas, and every Cannibal Corpse fan has been through that state of transition where you’re still getting used to all of the gross elements behind the lyrics.

Still, it doesn’t make this guy’s reaction any less funny. Never change, Cannibal Corpse…especially if it means getting more reactions like this out of people.

@wockymfcat i didn’t notice this until i watched it over the next day LMAO #cannibalcorpse #deathmetal #brutaldeathmetal ♬ original sound – sophie