Photos: An AI Generated Images Of Slipknot Masks And Holy Sh*t… These Images Are Creepy

u/Alex_Mich_Mich (Reddit)
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At this point, many of us in the metal community have had the chance to check out several AI generated music videos. From Metallica to Soundgarden, to Cannibal Corpse, Tool, and Slipknot, many bands have gotten the AI music video treatment. However, while not a music video, an AI was asked to interpret Slipknot masks, and the results it had to share are creepy as hell.

Now granted, Slipknot already do a pretty great job of creating creepy masks; we were very impressed with the new Slipknot masks that debuted in the music video for “The Dying Song (Time To Sing).” Among the new Slipknot masks, we are also really into Sid Wilson’s whole new costume, which features him caring around a disembodied robot head (which is in the likeness of his previous mask). That robot head also mouths the lyrics to Slipknot songs that band frontman Corey Taylor is screaming/singing.

A Reddit user has uploaded images of AI generated Slipknot masks. No details regarding what technology was used or what prompts were provided to the AI have been listed (though we will assume “Slipknot masks” were probably a prompt); all that was uploaded were the images themselves. You can find those images, uploaded by Reddit user u/Alex_Mich_Mich, below:

u/Alex_Mich_Mich (Reddit)

From these photos, we clearly see interpretations of (in order): Sid Wilson‘s Slipknot mask, Jay Weinberg’s Slipknot mask, Alessandro Venturella’s Slipknot mask, Michal Pfaff’s Slipknot mask (aka, Tortilla Man), Jim Root’s Slipknot mask, Craig Jones’ Slipknot mask, Clown‘s Slipknot Mask, Mick Thomson’s Slipknot mask, and Corey Taylor‘s Slipknot Mask.

What do you think of these Slipknot masks? We are super into them! Do you like them more than what the band is currently rocking now? Do you find these new masks to be creepy as hell?