The Pit’s Favorite Riffs: Five New Awesome Metal Songs 11/18

Photo Credit: Will Mecca
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Welcome back to The Pit’s Favorite Riffs, where we share five new killer metal songs that have recently come out and that we love! Here is what we highlighted from last week!

As always, our goal with this feature is to shine a light on more underground metal bands. This week, we are bringing you a nice variety of grind, black metal, avant-garde metal, and more.

Chat Pile – “Tenkiller”

Earlier this year, Chat Pile released what is easily one of the best metal albums of 2022 (that being God’s Country). More recently though, the band was hired to create a soundtrack for an indie film called Tenkiller. This soundtrack is brilliant, with the band presenting a captivating array of moody, grungy, industrial, and sludgy music.

Tallah – “Dicker’s Done”

If you listen to the music of Tallah, you may experience somewhat of a nostalgic whiplash, given that the band presents many of the sonic qualities that bands in the ’90s and early aughts were embracing. However, Tallah is much more than their influences, with their new album The Generation Of Danger highlighting their incredible songwriting and talented musicianship.

The Sawtooth Grin -“Grand Sultan Summer”

With their latest album Good., The Sawtooth Grin offers a work that will shred your eardrums (in the best way possible). This blistering display of grind and mathcore makes for a nonstop thrilling rush, with the intro track “Grand Sultan Summer” making for a perfect start.

Feminizer – “Sissy Tears and Razor Blades”

“Sissy Tears and Razor Blades” is just a small taste of the compelling black metal ferocity that Feminizer has to offer. As a whole, Feminizer’s new release is a gripping work of raw black metal instrumentation, one that features intricate compositions and emotional depth.

Ultar – “Through the Golden Gates of Dawn”

In need of black metal that exudes an exhilarating, yet melancholic atmosphere? Then Ultar have you covered! Balancing both aggressive and pounding instrumentation, along with stirring moments of melody, Ultar has crafted an experience that will grip you from the start.

Of course, this is but a small taste of the many awesome metal releases that are out today. What are some new metal songs/albums that you are listening to now or plan to check out over the course of this weekend?