The One Slipknot Record that Clown Hates

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Ever since the days of their debut, Slipknot has made it a habit of putting themselves through the emotional ringer. Each of their albums has always been built off of a certain circumstance, whether that meant getting their records out through pain on Iowa or struggling to get back into the swing of things after losing one of their own on .5 The Gray Chapter.

If you were to ask Clown though, the worst Slipknot albums are normally the ones where they are coaxing on easy mode.

In a retrospective detailing their entire career, Clown talked about how his least favorite record is All Hope is Gone, saying that he didn’t think he could bring anything of himself to the songs.

Looking back on the songs, Clown had talked about how comfortable the setting was at home, saying “That’s the only album done in Iowa, and it’s my least favorite. No tension, no pain, just efficiency. Able to go home. Able to sleep…that’s not good for what we do.” 

Even so, that didn’t stop the record from being one of the biggest records of the band’s career as well, becoming one of their biggest charts successes and spawning singles like “Psychosocial” and the “power ballad” “Snuff” in the process.

Clown only found the success ironic though, going on to say: “I just find it ironic that I found it so hard to make and left such a bad taste in my mouth, and then it went No. 1 on Billboard. It was like some kind of evil joke, something that you could barely give anything of yourself to become number one.”

Clown was far from the only one feeling that way as well, with Jim Root going on to say that he isn’t exactly in love with the final product either, saying:

“I don’t think we ever like jammed as a band during the making of that record. Our producer for some reason couldn’t get all 9 of us in a room to play as a band. Joey {Jordison} had to record that album without anybody playing with him and we all had to go in and layer on top of what we had done. Not one of my favorite records.”

Sometimes that’s the price you have to pay for success though. The band definitely became a household name because of songs like “Psychosocial,” but that meant having to go through hell making it work.” Watch Clown explain his issues with All Hope is Gone in his own words below.